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    Development History
    • 2017
      • China’s Top 3 Property Management Companies

      • Established the IOT network for Country Garden’s equipment and facilities, It marked Country Garden Services’ entry into the Big Data era.

    • 2016
      • Pioneered ‘5H’ service concept.
      • Country Garden Services passed the ‘Three Standards in One System’ certification of British Standards Institution (BSI).

      • Launched the comprehensive property management Cloud platform, taking Country Garden Services into the Cloud Computing era.

    • 2015
      • China’s Top 10 Property Management Companies

      • Created an urban service model.
    • 2013
      • Country Garden Services implemented a standard quality management system nationwide as well as established and implemented the Platinum Phoenix Butler Service System.

    • 2006
      • Country Garden Services emerged from Guangdong Province and officially moved to cover the national market.

    • 2005
      • Country Garden Services Received Level One qualification certificate for property management companies.

      • Pioneered Five-star Hotel Service model in residential property management.

    • 1992
      • Country Garden Services was established.
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